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Mental Health Awareness Week

I never know what to really say or do when comes to mental health awareness weeks. Im involved and support mental health across the globe now on a daily and weekly basis, and in inspire we have a daily input into peoples mental growth and health. Its a constant day to day, week to week matter that we are always implementing into our work.

In fact the reason its on this blog and not a week of social media posting like some businesses, is because its a part of our day to day running.

For them of you who don't know, I shared my mental health journey on UTV back in 2018 , and the influx of messages and people reaching out for help was over whelming and impossible to support each person one on one. It lead to me realising the documentary Bear Strong which went viral around the world. From this I have been asked to speak , and hold workshops all round the world. The journey over the last 5/6 years, of being involved in mental health work, and hearing countless stories, left me deeply frustrated with the support, help and services available to people in the UK , and more so, as usual Northern Ireland being the worse by far.

I had the chance to speak my mind on this , in Westminster and again at 10 Downing St, where had opportunity to speak to Borris Johnston sadly my words were never enough to bring change. So I settled for helping them we can help.

At inspire we help many people with physically improving and bettering their bodies, making them fitter, stronger and more energetic physically. The effect we have on people's mental health however I think equally matches if not exceeds this. Most of the time , the service and facility we provide does this by itself , with your effort and work, most achieve the mental benefits purely by themselves, others we have had to help and support a bit more.

The science and studies behind the benefits of exercise on mental health is unquestionale, and if you want to know the facts and science behind it then check out this link.

Control - One of the most important parts of our mental health, when we feel you have lost control its incredibly scary, over whelming and difficult to grasp a hold of again. Training, following structured plans can bring so much control back into our lives. We feel in control to make changes, other things could of when wrong that day, but if you make your work out and have a good session, its brings so much control back into forefront of our minds.

Social - The gym is a huge social hub, now I get that many people don't want to chat just work out. many people when struggling with their mental health don't want to talk, but I feel the gym allows you to do that, put your headphones on, hood up and focus on your work out, the important part is your not alone, people are around you. Which whether you realise at the time or not, your subconscious will, and this helps build back up your social strength and brings comfort into your life

Achievement - Its important we have the feeling of achievement close to our hearts. When people suffer with depression this is taken away temporarily, during my bad periods I felt like a nobody , like i'd achieved nothing, yet looking at my ' CV ' at that stage had already achieved more than most people ever would, But just like many other abilities to feel, it's another that can be taken away during depression.

Change - If I could give any message to anyone who struggling with your mental health, CHANGE WILL COME - Everyone has the ability to make change, to bring change into their lives. The feeling that things will never change and your present will always be your future isn't true. I made some scary changes in my life, things I was petrified to do, but it lead to changes in my life that grew into the most amazing opportunities. In the gym we hold to ability to make change, you can work on yourself and make changes in a way like no other. When you realise the changes you can make to yourself, this will always be a powerful tool for you.

Are you wish your mental health was stronger?

  • Yes

  • No

Always here to talk - I have worked with endless members of Inspire over the years, supporting their mental health, whether this is just a chat or helping them get professional help etc, and it will always be something we are all happy to help with. Our health is our health , it's not split into mental and physical, no one is scared to ask for help physically, so why should we mentally? To us its part of our job and something we cared about, myself and my staff would be hurt is we knew anyone couldn't come to us!

The gym holds huge potential to change and better your mental health, but like anything than brings improvement into our lives, its takes effort from you. Most of this effort is needed at the start , when your get into a routine you will notice the effort levels not as demanding as you start to see the benefits.

We only get one good run at life, it's so short as it is none of it should be spent unhappy!

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