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Getting motivated .... And staying motivated

A question I get asked a lot is how do you get motivated, how do you have the motivation? Motivation is something we all have, whether its for big things like transformation or business success or less thought about , the motivation to be a good parent or motivated to save money!

Motivation can come and go, Why? Our original thoughts come to us with excitement, the new challenge and the thought of how amazing the results will be gets us excited, the excitement leads to us making a choice to start something, but some where along the line it stops.

Why? when this is something we where so excited about, now its meaning has gone!

Think of it like this - you get this unique opportunity to travel for a month to where ever you want to in the world and moneys not a thing this is gifted to you or won. I want you to think now of that exact place or places. in 12 weeks time you get to fly out. Imagine the excitement when you first find out, imagine the excitement when only 8 weeks away, then 4 weeks away, then the week before.

The excitement never leaves us, it's there the whole way through. why?

This event has come to you with no work or no sacrifice to yourself, it's been gifted to you. No hardship, no challenges, its just been handed to you. So nothing disrupts your excitement of the result ( holiday). You'll go on your travels make great memories, have fantastic time - but your mind hasn't learned anything, your mindset hasn't grown or overcome challenges. You've been able to stay focused on the end goal and stay excited because there hasn't been and hardship to cause struggle.

Where as when we have to put the work in to achieve our goals, we face many challenges and struggles along the way that affects or mindset and motivation.

The difference is, by going through the journey we have upgraded our software to perform better in the future, we become stronger more confident people. We become more successful through the journey, not through the results.

Too many people focus on the end goal, not even realising that they are already getting the results as they go along. Building yourself up, one challenge at a time, is making a better you.

If your challenge is to loose 2 stone - time frame for that end result is 20-25 weeks. Thats a long time to stay focused on one big goal. so lets look at all the goals achieved to get there.

  1. Increase fitness

  2. increase strength

  3. making new friends with same goals

  4. first 7 lbs

  5. bettering your heart and lung health

  6. stopping bad habit foods

  7. 4 weeks clean eating

  8. first stone off

  9. body shape changing

  10. inches lost

  11. enjoying training now

  12. encouraged family to eat better and train

  13. 8 weeks clean eating

  14. had a slip up and overcame it

  15. beating gym PR

  16. better skin and hair

  17. better quality of life

  18. long life expectancy

  19. 1 n half stone off

  20. happier and healthier now have more energy and fitter

So when we loose motivation, we haven't really lost it, its just being focused in wrong places.

We have a new course starting in January, 2 evenings working through lots of subjects around mindset and motivation - it's worth while getting signed up. Go onto our website and head to up coming courses

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