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Bear Strong 

Training Area

Access to the training area:

The Bear Strong area at our gym is a specialized zone equipped for strength athletes looking to enhance their strength abilities.


This area is separate from the standard gym facilities and requires specific access. Due to the specialized equipment and the potential risks, access to this area is controlled.

Permission to use the Bear Strong area must be granted by Chris after a walkthrough of the area and an understanding of the rules.


This process ensures that members can safely utilize the equipment and maximally benefit from this dedicated strength training space.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Bear Strong Gym

    Every month
    Bear Strong Academy gym area monthly
    • Access to Bear Strong Gym area
  • Bear Strong 3 month

    3 month membership for bear strong area
    Valid for 3 months
    • Bear strong 1 year

      one year membership to bear strong gym
      Valid for one year
      • Recovery Room Membership

        Every month
        Monthly membership for the recovery room
        • Recovery Room
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